• Area of  Polichnitos' Thermal Springs
    On the whole, the hot springs of Lesvos are therapeutic for a multitude of conditions, depending on the composition of each one. The hot springs of Polichnitos are the hottest on the island (92° C). The Circular Trail starts from the facilities of the springs, initially with an E-SE direction turning NE later as it ascends to the plateau. First station is Saint Georgios Melandas, a small monastery property of the Damandri Monastery. On the day of the popular saint’s feast, crowds of devout pilgrims from the surrounding villages gather here. In the Damandri location there was once a village by the same name that the locals abandoned and the area was deserted. The Monastery stood guard of the area using the parish church of the village as its cathedral. After many adventures, today it is reinstated and the buildings are being restored. A place of history, devoutness and, for the trekker, a place to take a break before the rest of the course to the Hot Springs for a wonderful bath.