• Town Agiassos: Traditional Settlement
    The popular shaded location of Agioi Anargyroi is hidden inside the olive groves and near Antriotis River. The chapel, the coffee shop and the ever running fountains are its epicentre while houses and their small gardens complete the calm scenery. The Trail moves away towards the pedestrians’ bridge of the Network and starts ascending on a well maintained cobblestone path. Three chapels later it comes to the cemetery of Assomatos from where, after visiting the village, it will continue to the foot of the Liakas limestone rock, the Flega fountain and a visit to Agiassos. Then it goes up to the well-built chapel of Saint Paneras in honour of two local basket weaving saints. Always within the boundaries of the olive grove, the descent to the cobblestone path of Tsolekos leads to Antria, where around the chapel of Taxiarchis there was once the first village of Asomatians. Return to Agioi Anargyroi following the signs.