• Bridge of Kremasti
    In the centre of Lesvos, the town of Saint Paraskevi with the manors of the past and a remarkable folk culture is the ‘launching pad’ for the trekking tour to famous monuments of the island. Along the course of the Trail, with the Valley of Tsiknias River sprawling to the west, the fields alternate with the olive groves and the grasslands while the scattered oak trees mark the seasons with their changing colouration. From the opposite bank of the river starts the Klopedi region with the archaeological site of the Aeolic Temple built the 8th century BC. The Christian pilgrimage-hermitage site of the Taxiarches Monastery or Metochi Klopedis one kilometre to the north is of a later period and built in the monastery style of Lesvos. The signs take you to the river with the single-arc medieval Kremasti Bridge, the biggest bridge of Lesvos.