Trekking Tourism

Trekking Tourism is flourishing in Lesvos thanks to its varied natural environment, the interesting natural terrain and geological formations, the rich flora and fauna and the monuments of both Nature and Civilisation dotting every part of the island

Cultural monuments

In the constellation of the so many traditional villages with the old fountains and the majestic churches, we ought to add the cultural assets of several important locations, where the people of the past were laying the foundation of the local culture

Lesvos Paths

The Trekking Trails for use by locals and visitors are designed by studying the most noteworthy parts of the countryside of Lesvos and by applying strict criteria

Path signing

The signs all along provide trekkers the assurance that they are on the right track while the big signs point to each monument of nature and civilisation, contributing, along with the information provided, in a full and in-depth familiarisation with the a