• Paleochori, the street with the cafes
    At the pebbled beach of Melinta at the mouth of Selantas River, two imposing mounds define the borders of the narrow valley. To the east is Agkatheri (625m) and to the west Kritharia (556m). Following the sign-posted trail, initially by the stream and then ascending west, the Trail goes in Palaiochori, one of the most dynamic oil producing villages of the Plomari province with a plethora of buildings in the local architectural style. At the south-western end we can see the church of the village, dedicated to the Annunciation of Virgin Mary. The Circular Trail starts on this side and climbs up to the Rachidi plateau 524m in altitude, following old cobblestone paths. In clearings in the pine forest and around the chapels of Saint Fanourios and Saint Triada (Holly Trinity) there are vine crops that give excellent wine, while scattered around there are small holiday houses. After the tour at the plateau, the descent follows the northern cobblestone path.