• «Patoumeni»
    Patoumeni, a stepped path from white marble, was created at the historical Traditional Settlement of Agiassos in the days when communication between villages was done either with beasts of burden or on foot. Going down this well maintained paved path towards Karini with the fountain and the coffee shops, the route is shaded by the age-old olive trees. Re-entering Patoumeni from Karini at 200 m the Trail leads to Nychtanta, a small valley with an old water-powered olive press and a deserted settlement. Going uphill, always inside the olive grove and again on a cobblestone path, next stop is the quaint village of Assomatos with stone houses, cobblestone lanes and coffee shops in the shade of climbing plants. The section of the Trail from Assomatos towards Agiassos climbs up through olive tree fields, passes the foot of the solid massive rock called Liakas, it finds the Flega fountain and ends up in the Stavri neighbourhood of the town.