• Mithymna (Molyvos)
    The Trekking Trail moves away from the urban web of the traditional village and into the olive groves of the valley. A brief stop in Saint Rodotou – open sanctuary in the fold of a rocky formation – and on to the Reservoir of Mithymna a little further away. The trail then climbs along stone walls under the shade of tall yews. Vafeios with the stone, two-storey small dwellings has windows turned to Molyvos with the field of low hills, while the vista of the Aegean Sea and the Asia Minor shores of Troad spread in the distance. It is worth wandering on the cobblestone little lanes with the refreshing fountains and the hidden yards brimming with unruly climbing plants and alluring scents. Return to Molyvos via Saint Ioannis through open grazing land, with a view of the small city with the medieval castle.