• Profitis Ilias peak
    The Trail to the peaks starts from Pelopi, built on either side of a ragging torrent of Mount Lepetymnos. After the ‘oasis’ at the Myloi location with the large cistern, the climb continues on the slopes along the cool stream until, after Monoplatanos, Lepetymnos reveals its harsh side. Steep slopes studded with boulders but also spots for breathers with small plateaus and resilient oak trees with mosses and lichens. The whole mountain area is volcanic which becomes more apparent at higher altitudes and at the rocky, often stormy summits. On a clear day the horizon offers a stunning view all around. After Vigla (the highest peak of the island at 968m) the Trail continues almost on the ridgeline and passing from ‘tou Kolaftou ta Rahta’ (The rocks of the peak) it arrives at the Profitis Ilias Peak with the chapel built at the summit of a solid rock (volcanic cupola)