• Villages of Gera as seen from Paliokastro
    The Trail starts at the olive producing Palaiokipos leaving the village from the church of Saint Ermolaos. The first stop is at Panagia Spiliotissa, a restored chapel under a rock. From about there, on a fork of the Trail, there is a choice for the ‘low’ course towards the villages of Gera or the course towards Palaiokastro. The approach to the medieval castle of Gera is an upward course inside the olive grove, parts of it on quiet rural roads and parts on trails. Palaiokastro is amid a limestone explosion enclosing the flat summit within its walls. Passing from the ruins of rooms and terraces, the Trail leaves the walls and goes down a cobblestoned slope. This is the ‘slide’ from where years later the query workers dragged limestone inside leather bags. Rural roads lead either to Plakados via the historical site of Manna or to Messagros and Skopelos.