• The waterbridge in Paspalas place
    The Roman Aqueduct was the most significant community project on the island in ancient times, with a total length of 39.5 km up to Mytilini.  One third of the trekking route’s length has been designed to cross parts of this great monument, going against the intended flow of the water. Starting from the Lampou Myloi village and moving through the olive grove, it comes across a pine covered valley with the largest water bridge of the region, known as ‘Kamares Paspala’. Then it passes Panagia at Enthrono with the uninterrupted view to the valley of Evergetoula, the cool oasis of Karini with the inexhaustible water spring and the coffee shops under great sycamore trees. After this it heads to the small Koveli valley with the ancient stone bridge and following the gurgle of Evergetoula River it arrives at ‘Kamara tis Aneraidas’. The end of the Trail is at Saint Dimitrios with the traditional coffee shops and the famous water from the spring of Tsigkos.