• In the «Circuit of Agatheri»
    Agatheri is one of the highest seaside hills of Lesvos (625m). Olive groves and small settlements that had developed on its slopes today shrink more and more. The highest ground is covered by oaks. The Trail starts from Plomari and after a short walk on the asphalt that leads to Melinda it starts ascending towards Kato Chorio. Moving west it comes across Levra, it traverses the ridge of Logaras with the endless view to the southern coast, Melinta and the open seas and turns north to the ‘eagle nest’ of Kournela. A semi abandoned but interesting and shaded village. The old olive press, the local architecture, the fountains, the big sycamore and the view to Palaiochori win the visitor over. The rest of the Trail ascends to the chapel of Saint Irene and then, going down into the olive groves, closes the circle in Kato Chorio.