• Pitzilia, chestnut tree, peak of Olymos
    With the uprising of the Mytilinians in 659 BC, the persecuted descendants of the dynasty of Penthelides that had been ruling until then took refuge in a location on one of the slopes in the mountain system of Olympus where they built Penthili. Along the Trekking Trail that starts from Agiassos there are four chapels. Saint Ioannis, Saint Konstantinos, Astratgou (Archangel-Taxiarchis) and the chapel of Panagioudas (The Virgin’s Birth). The location of ancient Penthili lies from Astratgos up to Panagiouda. It was inhabited up to 1701 when it was abandoned because of tax exemptions in Agiassos and today the only thing left are the terrace cultivations. The Trail ascends going through the chestnut forest and orchards of fruit trees until it reaches Panagiouda where it enters a pine forest. A small detour may be taken to the Sanatorium (Healing centre) from where the asphalt-paved road to Agiassos and Megalochori passes.