• Small settlement Milies
    The eastern part of the Plomari province is also dominated by olive groves. On slopes, in elongated ravines and on hills that lower down gradually from the Olympos massif. From the two big villages of the region, Plagia and Trygonas, the Trail ascends towards the small village of Milies. The glory of the past is attested by the about 25 houses of the settlement (most of them double storied) still preserved and centring around the three-nave basilica of Saint Ioannis Prodromos (1835) and the coffee shop. Only 4-5 people live in the settlement and a few more in the summer months. More to the south rises Toumpa, from where, going past the organic farm – hostel by the same name, the view becomes imposing with forests and summits. The trails around Milies snake around the terraces inside the olive grove and the pine forest, taking the trekker to ‘secret’ spots like Kolymvatera, Arodafni and the historic Kastellos.